Troubleshooting & FAQs Information
We are delighted and proud to inform our customers of Redberry Global and Redberry Logistics products that after evaluation of our help desk enquiries during 2016 not a single issue was caused by a bug in our software. The vast majority were caused by printer issues, next came hardware failure issues, followed by change of environment issues such as a printer being renamed on the network but not being updated in the Redberry Printer Configuration Utility. Next was the Operator had performed a particular fuction but rarely and had forgotten how to do it and also how to find that information in our software help screens, and finally outside influences such as Virus or Ransomware attacks, which are environment issues also but malicious ones.

The purpose of these pages are to are to make help desk issues and solving them available 24/7. We always ask the same questions and draw a conclusion from the answers. On the following pages you will find flow charts that will lead you to the same answers our help desk will come to.

One procedure change is that the help desk no longer issues software unlock requests. This feature is an accounts facility that ensures timely and honest payment in return for using our software services and has been taken over by accounts. To apply for an Unlock Code please input the email address we use to send our invoices to your accounts department and lock code, and then press the submit button in the form at the top of this page. The unlock code will automatically be sent to the same email address as the monthly invoices are sent. Your lock code warns each time a user logs in and runs the entire month as a warning, so please do not wait until the following month when you are locked out, before requesting an unlock code.
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Unlock Software Request (User UNL in Redberry Global to Unlock)