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RedBerry Software ™ provides software solutions for International and Domestic Freight Forwarders. Conceived in 1979 in the UK, RedBerry Software has become an Industry Standard that is used around the world by hundreds of Freight Forwarders in over ten Countries.

RedBerry has now released a new generation of Freight Forwarding software designed to give absolute flexibility and visibility of procedure and documentation whilst retaining total and instant financial control at all stages of freight movement. The techniques used to create this software are radically different to the methods employed by other freight software developers.

RedBerry has a host of products for Freight Forwarders, no matter how large or small, RedBerry can provide the correct solution to assist your business. Companies that have benefited from using RedBerry include British Airways, TNT, Gulf Agencies, Expolanka, American Express and Kintetsu World Express, as well as numerous small companies around the world.

June 2010, Redberry Software for the second consecutive year was Voted Winner of the Information Technology for the Air Cargo Industry Award at the ACW Awards, this time in Shanghai

May 2009, Redberry Software Voted Winner of the Information Technology for the Air Cargo Industry Award at the ACW Awards in Munich

"This new RedBerry software is innovative, efficient, gives me absolute financial control over all our branches, and the Internet Monitor Module gives our Customers real time information. This feature has been instrumental in us gaining major new business. All our staff find the software intuitive, easy to use and very powerful." Richard Newport, Managing Director of Signet International Ltd, U.K.

"With RedBerry passing both the Sales and the Purchase figures across to accounts we can run RedBerry Reports to oversee the company's figures. Excellent." Ruth Turk, Manager of Finance, FWX Eton Ltd, U.K.

"We have been running RedBerry Logistics for just one month and the staff are very confident with the new software, it is extremely easy to use. The training and remote assistance is second to none and we are so pleased with RedBerry Reports financial control that we are installing the software now in Abu Dhabi." Fiaz Shibly, Operations Manager, Expolanka, Dubai, U.A.E.